Stay Fit With These Healthy Snack Ideas

Stay Fit With These Healthy Snack Ideas

One of the biggest tricks to staying fit is eating right, but healthy eating goes beyond just the main meals of the day. A lot of times people do not realize how much unhealthy food they are consuming when they snack, especially because things like candy bars don’t seem that unhealthy because they are so small. The truth is snacking throughout the day on unhealthy snacks can add up and make it harder to stay fit and lose weight. Here are some healthy snack ideas to try:


Yogurt is a great snack as long as you avoid the brands that are full of sugar and additives. Adding a little honey to your yogurt along with a few nuts, dried fruit, and a scoop of whey protein can transform a simple snack into a powerful mini meal to provide your body with the fuel it needs.


If you are the type of person that likes to have little snacks throughout the day and just a bite here and bite there, almonds are a great source of protein and healthy fats. Be careful that you buy almonds with no or low salt to manage your sodium intake and that you don’t go overboard. Too many almonds can add a lot of calories.

Turkey Jerky

Turkey jerky has a lot of the flavor that beef jerky has but less trans-fat and a whole lot of protein. When you buy turkey jerky (or any jerky for that matter) make sure that you are buying the real deal, and not processed “snack sticks” that are full of fillers and not just cured, dried meat.


A can of tuna is a great snack if you have had a hard workout and need the extra protein to help with your recovery. Tuna packed in water has less calories if you are exercising and trying to cut weight but you still get a lot of protein. It’s best to just eat plain tuna with a few wheat crackers; avoid drowning it in mayo which is full of fat and calories.

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are a great snack any time of day, but are great as a pre-sleep snack when you have those late night cravings. Adding whey protein, creatine, or protein powder along with a few fruits such as a banana or apple along with healthy greens can give you a huge nutrient boost that helps with your workout recovery and helps develop tone muscles while keeping your metabolism high while making you feel full.