Vitargo S2



Vitargo S2

Vitargo® S2 is a patented, engineered starch, a sugar-free carbohydrate for fueling (before and during) and recovery (after) for any intense training or competition. S2 is virtually bloat-proof, produces a 2x faster glycemic (blood sugar) rise, and promotes 1.7x faster muscle carbohydrate (glycogen) and performance recovery (no other starch product has this evidence, especially waxy maize or special “homopolysaccharides”).

Vitargo S2 can be made into a drink, a gel/pudding, or frozen, and can be mixed with any other low to zero carb nutrition product (especially pre-workout and protein products). Each batch of S2 is certified free of banned substances by the only lab that is WADA experienced in North America, . GENr8, Proof Before Promises.



Proof Before Promises®

Vitargo Global Sciences, LLC is an evidence-based performance nutrition company. University studies in humans prove our products are superior to the fastest carb: maltodextrin. Vitargo is one of the rare companies led by a nutrition science expert (Anthony L. Almada, MSc, FISSN, Nutritional/Exercise Biochemistry, UC Berkeley; co-founder of EAS; 39+ years of nutrition science, clinical research and industry experience). Like a pharmaceutical company, we allocate a percentage of our revenues (not our profits) to sponsoring university studies in human athletes, led by expert research scientists. By 2015 we will have completed over a dozen studies on four different Vitargo®-containing products. Unlike a pharmaceutical company, we tenaciously strive to pioneer natural quality control measures that are unparalleled: best in class testing for gluten (ELISA), banned substances (, and label claims on EACH batch (after manufacture on ALL our products—the first brand in the world).


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