ProGryp Paw Sponge Grips

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Product Features:

´ Special 1/2î thick material that is designed for the bodybuilder or weightlifter in mind ´ Molds to every crack and crevice of the hand for a totally customized fit ´ Designed to squeeze right down to the bar (for those lifters who like the feeling of the bar) ´ Withstands the toughest workouts ´ Extremely grippy anti-slip surface ´ Quick absorption and evaporation of moisture, providing a much safer and better gripping surface ´ Bacteria and Fungus resistant surface, provides a hygienic odor free workout ´ Prevents calluses, blisters, and hand strains ´ Excellent for all bars ´ Increases comfort to such a high degree, that the amount of reps per set can be increased ´ Maximizes your workout!


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