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4 Dimension Nutrition WHEY PHASE

EXPIRY DATES 05/2016 & 07/2016

Multi-Phase Amino Acid Delivery represents a revolution in scientific performance enhancement. WHEY PHASE provides 100% Whey Protein with each whey protein using Cross-Flow Micro-Filtration technology.

WHEY PHASE»: INCREDIBLE TASTING WORKOUT RECOVERY POWERHOUSE Multi-Phase Amino Acid Matrix» – Whey proteins within the Multi-Phase Amino Acid Matrix (MPAAM») give you the fast-acting muscle-building protein you need to build massive muscles fast! Whey Phase» is fortified with Creatine, essential BCAAs and muscle-building free-form L-Glutamine to fuel your muscles and elevate your training to a whole new level.

Pro- Energy Carb Matrix» – Essential carbohydrates in the Pro-Energy Carb Matrix» give you the post-workout Glycogen replenishment your muscles demand. Solubized fiber complexes provide another dimension of performance to the MAAPM» Multi-Phase Amino Acid Delivery, truly effective Protein delivery and retention structured in a way your body can actually use. No waste, no digestion issues, nothing but pure Whey and pure Protein absorption to fuel your muscle gains.

Functional Lean Lipid Complex» – The Functional Lean Lipid Complex» provides a new dimension in EPA (Essential Fatty Acid) muscle fuel. Any Pro Bodybuilder knows that functional Essential Fatty Acids are essential to building deep chiseled muscle that gets you noticed. Whey Phase» provides functional lipids that can be used directly by the body as fuel and help your muscles grow.

Product Features:

48G PROTEIN MP2D» (Multi-phase Protein Delivery) Workout Recovery Powerhouse Builds Strength and Power Incredible Taste 5lbs Tub


Mix 2 Scoops with 250ml-500ml of water or your favorite drink



Our research team is among the most respected in the industry and clinical science is the cornerstone of every sports nutrition product we develop. If a single ingredient is not supported by real human research, it does not meet our standards. We demand nothing but excellence from ourselves and our commitment to quality is second to none. Every 4 Dimension product is subject to the world’s most rigorous testing qualifications and our production facility is triple certified by the European Union, cGMP and the HACCP.

As a dedicated athlete, you refuse to make compromises with your training or your physique. And if you want results, you should demand more from a sports nutrition company. We believe it’s time for a higher standard in sports nutrition.

Demand only the best – demand 4 Dimension: Elite Sports Nutrition For Elite Athletes™.



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