4 DN Hardcore Mass Phase



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4 DN Hardcore Mass Phase


Muscle Building / Meal Replacement

  • The Most Powerful & Complete Lean Muscle Builder Available!
  • Backed By University Research: Key Ingredients Pack On
    Rock-Hard Mass Fast!
  • Loaded With Anabolic Protein, Bcaas, Creatine & Complex Carbs For
    Maximum Results
  • Easy To Mix. Easy To Digest. Incredible Taste!

by the Numbers :

USA Sourced Premium Protein
Muscle Building Calories*
Grams of Protein*
Grams of Dietary Fiber*
Carbohydrate to Protein Ratio For Max Growth
Banned Substances OR Fillers

*per serving

All-In-One bodybuilding super formula

Mass PhaseTM is a One-Of-A-Kind, All-In-One bodybuilding super formula. You can truly get everything you need for optimal size, strength and power from one formula; and Mass PhaseTM is it! Real ingredients you need to gain size fast, thick frothy texture and Out-Of-This World taste, rolled into one premium formula Mass PhaseTM.*

4DN Hardcore Mass PhaseTMlean mass gainer has been formulated using the most cutting-edge hypertrophic-specific sport nutrition science. Using a precise 3:1 carb to protein matrix combined with the Pro-Suspension Matrix allows for a sustained delivery and effective absorption to create the mass gains you demand.*

Our anabolic agents ensure this product delivers results that you will see in days. Flavored in conjunction with some of North America’s leading flavor houses to achieve the consistency and taste of a milk shake; there is no better tasting mass gainer on the market. 4DN Hardcore Mass PhaseTM is the best way to grow lean mass fast. Try it once and you will never look back!*

As a sports nutrition product Mass PhaseTM is manufactured under rigorous and stringent certifications known worldwide. Our production facility is EU(European union), cGMP, HACCP and NHP certified as well as being licensed by the CFIA. 4DN has taken the time, effort and energy necessary to ensure that every product bearing the 4DN name is produced in accordance with these protocols. The result ; Mass PhaseTM is a truly superior product that meets or exceeds the strictest standards in the world.


Nutritional Facts:


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