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Fat Loss: 4 Supplements You Need To Know About In 2016

Fat Loss: 4 Supplements You Need To Know About In 2016
Mar 03, 2017

With the major increase in weight loss and fat loss supplements one can be overwhelmed by just walking into a shop and looking at the vast number of supplements to choose from. It leads you to question their authenticity if they really work or are safe to use? No one is to blame for this predicament. With so many fat loss supplements out there we decided to make a list of the most authentic and efficient fat loss supplements. These are the most well-known and renowned fat loss supplements:

Garcinia Cambogia / Hydroxycitric Acid or HCA¸
Garcinia cambogia is a fruit from the citrus family that grows in Southeast Asia. The fruit skin extract, hydroxycitric acid (HCA), has been used for cooking in history, but it’s also been used for weight loss. HCA is an organic compound that makes people feel full reduces appetite significantly and increase metabolism and lowering LDL cholesterol. Its effectiveness has been thoroughly researched and proven.

Whey Protein
Whey protein widely used by body builder and boasted by stores to be one of the most prominent muscle builders has proven to be a major fat loss supplement as well. Whey protein which was mainly used for muscle building has been shown to greatly suppress appetite and ultimately stopping you from eating more and giving you enough energy to burn fat more easily. Whey protein is an easy form of protein similar to milk to drink. It greatly boosts muscle activity and suppresses appetite its easily digestible, lactose and tolerant, improves muscle repair and improves metabolism drastically.

Mostly known as a superior supplement for massive boost in performance for athletes and gym fanatics worldwide has proved to be one of the most prominent fat burners alongside green tea. Caffeine that has been known as a major work out supplement was reported in a survey to be the most beneficial supplement when it came down to burning fat. If you’re an avid builder who is worried about his weight drinking more caffeine is a great choice for more energy and to burn more fat ultimately leading to great weight loss.

The extracts from the Asian plant Konjac that are natural water-soluble dietary fiber are being sold on the shelf in many names but the most prominent of them is Glucomannan. It’s a powder supplement to mix in drinks or put in food like pasta. Research supports its role as an obesity treatment as the fibers help absorb water in the digestive system, greatly reducing cholesterol and carbohydrate absorption .Since it’s a dietary fiber it promotes weight lose via different methods such as

  • Very low calorie content
  • It takes up considerable space in the stomach making you eat less at your next meal.
  • It delays emptying of the stomach, thus decreasing the time you feel hungry
  • Like other soluble fibers, it shows reduced absorption of proteins and fats

The best compromise, in this case, would be to try out a supplement or two until you figure out how your body reacts to these supplements. Once you know which supplement mix is best for you then you will that much closer to your weight loss goal.

Hopefully this article gave you some insight on how you can accomplish your weight loss goal. and As the old saying goes…”Knowing is half the battle”, The other half is “Don’t Make Excuses, Make Results”.