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With over 20 years of combined experience located in the Greater Toronto Area working with health, nutrition, and sports nutrition; Nutrition Warehouse Canada can help you attain your fitness and sports specific goals. Nutrition Warehouse Canada strives to bring you unique, reasonably priced and premium quality supplements while putting in our all to anticipate our ever-changing customers’ needs and meet the demands of an ever changing market with state-of-the-art products, effective support materials, and above all unparalleled services.

As advocates of healthy lifestyles, Nutrition Warehouse Canada believes that every person that has a wish to improve their life style should be able to purchase premium quality supplements with ease and without having to strain their budget. We are here with you every step of the way and offer fitness vitamins and supplements, fitness accessories and sports nutrition consultations to help you achieve your fitness, athletic goals and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

About Nutrition Warehouse Canada

We know how important the right supplements are for someone recovering from an intense workout.

Nutrition Warehouse Canada takes pride in the quality of the supplements that we carry. Before even a single item is set up for sale we check its origins, company history records and authenticity by various means to ensure that the supplements are of the highest quality and will suit your needs completely.

We make sure that our supplements experts will help you live this life fully without any worries, ONLY if you have the devotion and commitment to change your lifestyle for the better. We provide our expert supplement services to many major athletes and bodybuilders. We are currently working hand in hand with athletes from the NHL, CFL, MMA Communities and many more from around the globe.

Whether you are an individual with no experience in the world of fitness and health with us YOU have nothing to worry about , not only we will guide you in getting the proper nutrients and supplements but also provide an ARTICLES & TRAINING SERIES which includes but not limited to diet plans for men and women so you have the right amount of balance between nutrition and training.

We know for athletes no matter how fit their body might be they aim for greater heights. They compete with one another and put their all into the best they can possibly become. They are fueled by their desire to win and better themselves, we have helped many reach that goal in our long years of service and are here to do the exact same for you.

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Don’t see your favorite supplement? CONTACT US chances are we can get IT!!

We have access to a lot of nutrition supplement brands, so much that our IT dept can’t keep up with the demand!! Whether you are looking to lose weight, become faster, recover quicker, build muscle or become healthier join us and LIVE THIS LIFE!. We offer 24/7 customer support via email throughout the year.

Our experienced and friendly customer support will help address any and all queries or questions you have regarding our products or services. Feel free to contact us any anytime to get your questions answered.



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